Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MIX22, Red, White, and Blue...

What a fun challenge this was.  I used direct to paper ink and then blobbed some white acrylic on it and scraped it with a credit card.  I added some glittered spots and used a few stamps to make a collage of sorts.  Thanks for looking!!  Give this a try if you want to have some fun!!  :>)


  1. Wow this ever eye catching...I love it....kinda a artsy impression, Awesome....Was it just water colour ink you used, or acrylics?
    whatever...would be fun to try..Just Awesome!!

  2. Kim,
    What an awesome card - I really need to try some mixed media - but I haven't crawled out of my shell to try it yet! Hugs for Jake and Alfie.